Patient Information

We are a family oriented practice and strive to make our patient’s well-being our number one priority. Our staff is gentle, kind, and respectful while providing each patient with the most efficient and highest quality of treatment.

Oral Hygiene Hayes & Hayes, LLC in Williamsport, PA


At Hayes & Hayes, LLC, we realize that occasionally you may overlook an appointment or need to change an appointment time. When this happens we will do our best to reschedule your appointment as soon as possible; however, our appointment times fill up fast. It is very important to try and keep your regular scheduled appointments, because missed appointments or numerous appointment changes will only delay and extend your treatment time.

First Visit

During your first visit, we will discuss your concerns with you and complete a thorough dental/facial exam. If it is determined that orthodontic/orthopedic care may be beneficial, then a second visit diagnostic records (dental casts, films, photos, etc.) is the next step. Software studies, measurements, and a review of issues are carried out by the doctors so that treatment plan alternatives can be presented at a third visit, the consultation.

Note: We use very low dose 2D digital imaging for help with diagnosis.

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We are committed to helping you maximize your insurance benefits, so we ask that you bring your insurance card to your initial appointment so that benefits can be verified. At that time we will be able to give you an estimate of what your insurance will cover.


We reserve certain times during the day to assist patients that may have wires poking or brackets off. Please call early in the day to keep your waiting time to a minimum. If you have an actual orthodontic emergency after hours or on the weekend and you are unable to make yourself comfortable, please call our regular number for further instructions on our voicemail.

Child Orthodonture by Hayes & Hayes, LLC in Williamsport, PA

For Younger Patients

At Hayes and Hayes, we take the extra time and attention needed to work with younger children. For our growing patients we help guide facial growth for improved form and function, we help reduce the incidence of impacted teeth, and we work to reduce untoward shifting and drifting of newly erupted permanent teeth in an early treatment phase. We also can help our patients improve their nasal airway, which can reduce the need for excessive mouth breathing. In fact, new research on sleep apnea confirms that a good nasal airway is important for everyone.

“Early intervention” does not mean starting braces early. Dento-facial orthopedics (guiding the growing bones of the face) can be very helpful at an early age (7 thru 10 years old) when diagnostic models, films, and growth projections suggest certain poor growth patterns. Space maintenance and treatment of habits such as tongue trusting and thumb sucking, may also be a part of early treatment. After the goals of early intervention have been accomplished, braces may be recommended, typically around the ages of 12 to 13 years when most primary teeth have exfoliated.

For Older Patients

Mature patients seek orthodontic care for many different reasons. Frequently, patient concerns can be addressed with minor orthodontic treatment undertaken over a short period of time. Some adult patients present with complex problems, and they require the expertise of a team of dental professionals to address his or her needs.